Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this for "newbie" or "experienced" real estate investors?

A Rock Star Inner Circle Gold Membership is perfect for beginners and experienced investors. Each week's lesson is broken down into manageable steps for easy application. There are also "advanced" strategies that seasoned veterans will find advantageous in putting into practice. While basic understanding of investing is a plus it isn't required as the program goes through all necessary components step-by-step.

2. Does this work for any real estate"niche"?

Absolutely! The strategies and models described are applicable to virtually every imaginable situation or property. For example, effective marketing strategies that work for selling a house can also be used when renting a property. You would have a hard time NOT finding a use for this type of knowledge.

4. Does my membership include personal coaching?

Unfortunately, the answer is "no", however, we do offer set times that we are available for phone consultations a set times during the 52-week program. While we will always be available to handle support requests (e.g. "I can't download this week's lesson."), we simply don't have enough time to personally coach 125 members. Even if every member just asked ONE question (even a simple one) it would be impossible to handle all the requests. We want to open ourselves up as much as possible so the phone consultations times that are scattered throughout the program may prove very valuable to you.

5. Do I have to commit to the entire 12 months?

Of course not. While we don't think you'll want to do so, you may cancel anytime. You may either email us at the address shared in every lesson, call our office or even fax us to cancel. Whatever is most convenient for you.

6. How quickly can I have a property and start making money?

That will depend entirely upon you. Someone with experience and properties can literally implement some of the strategies to tweak with they are doing immediately. A complete beginner with virtually no experience and no investment property can use the knowledge to make more confident decisions when they do decide to act.

7. I'm one of your local "Income for Life Members", how does this apply to me?

The Rockstar Inner Circle is a series of organized lessons emailed to you every week. As a local Income for Life member you always have access to our real estate brokerage and Income for Life Program. If you would like to supplement your learning and knowledge the Rock Star Inner Circle reports are likely a very good fit for you.

8. On what day of the week will I receive my weekly emails?

There isn't a set "day" of the week when lessons will arrive to your inbox. The system is setup to send out your lesson approximately every 7 days (sometimes there is a 24-48 hour difference in delivery, but you'll always receive a lesson each week).

If you have any other questions that might be beneficial to visitors of the site (and yourself, of course!) please email us at

Best regards,

Tom & Nick Karadza